*sigh* Okay then.

Originally there was going to be somewhat of an introduction entry, but I forgot all I was going to say in it, and it seems useless now anyway. *sigh* Okay. Now on to the entry~

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*sigh* In other news: I’m too obsessed.

You know, sometimes I don’t blame the people who think 13-year-olds are all immature brats. Seeing all the people on FF.net my age who haven’t heard of a thing called spell check, those who whine about reviews, and 13-year-olds online in general. I can see why people would think we’re idiots. But, I’m turning 14 soon, so then I’ll be judged with 14-year-olds, who are taken slightly more seriously than 13-year-olds. Slightly.

You know, I read a LIP [Life In Perspective] article a long time ago where the teen columnists were asked to give their views on allowing a younger age to vote, or count as half/quarter of a vote. Most said no, that the adult opinion of teenagers were correct; we are apathetic, non-caring, oblivious idiots. I guess 50% of us are… but we’re never taken seriously. We’re in love? Oh great, it’s “high school infatuation”. We have an opinion on something? Oh great, we’re “radical, typical teenagers whose opinions will change once we grow up”. One of the teen columnists had the nerve to say, “Try talking about a serious topic with a fourteen-year-old. It’s not possible.”

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